Planet alpha



Developed by - Planet Alpha Game Studio

Published by - Team 17



PLANET ALPHA is an adventure that takes place in a living alien world where you have the ability to control the day and night.
It combines fast platforming, puzzles and stealth elements with an unique art-style to create an unforgettable experience. Developed in Denmark by a small and dedicated international team.


Level Design

Planned, Built and scripted the majority of the level content. Everything from hectic cinematic gameplay pieces, puzzle areas, beautiful and soothing environments and stealthy sneak areas.


Game Design

Designed and directed the main character locomotion abilities, npc life, patrol systems, enemies and tweaked the enemy ai.


Node Based Scripting

Scripted level related prototypes, puzzles, platforming obstacles, simple npc behaviour and action scenarios.



Aranged playtesting sessions, collected data and made level/game design changes based on feedback through several iterations of the game. Took the responsibility of being the bridge between the users and the team.



Fixed both technical and design related bugs collaborating with a remote QA team using and online bug reporting system.