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Phone: +46 708 98 42 11


Location: Malmö, Sweden





I am a passionate self driven designer with four years of professional experience. In my spare time I try not to get to injured while skating and following way to hard cooking recipes in my lifetime journey of becoming an epic homecooking chef.
Right now I am looking for new job opportunities worldwide so feel free to contact me and let me know if you are interested.

Professional Experience

Game/Level Designer (Planet Alpha Game Studio May 2016 – Present)
Small ambitious indie studio based in Copenhagen working on their first game.
* Worked as the sole designer on our first game PLANET ALPHA.
* Designed scripted and implemented the majority of the gameplay content.
* Led playtesting session and communicated throughout the team on improvements of the game.
Level Designer (Io-Interactive May 2015 – June 2016)
AAA studio based in Copenhagen and the creators of the Hitman Franchise.
* Collaborated and directed animators, environment artists, writers and game designers on level content.
* Scripted target patrol routes, guard routes, ambient npc life, bodyguards, traps and target exposure.
* Designed/Implemented layouts, sneak routes, guard patrols and assassinations.
Level Designer (Full Control ApS July 2015 – May 2015)
Mid size studio based in Copenhagen known for working on turn based strategy games.
* Designed/Implemented various main and sidequest missions.
* Set Dressed and created prefab models through various level.
* Led playtesting sessions and applied changes to the levels based on feedback.


Level Designer (The Game Assembly September 2012 – July 2015)
Level Design Advanced Diploma in Higher Vocational Education


Swedish Native language
English Professional proficiency