The anatomy studies is a level made from the Hpl2 Amnesia editor and takes place as an alternative study of the original game. you can say that you are there for the same reasons as in game but it has a different layout  and puzzles. This project was made in two weeks half time.


I chose to make a alternative study of the game because i wanted to focus on the layout and stay in the frames of the setting  as in the real study of the game.



Early designs

I started out by making a top down sketch my goal with the design was that i wanted to make a level with a secret passage. And that the player don’t need to go back the same way to reach the same exit.



The first corridor & the secret study

In these locations the player needs to solve  how to progress further into the study because of the ceiling in the hallway that have collapsed. The second door in the hallway is also jammed from the other side so player needs to find a secret passage in the office space.

The player starts from the corridor  and the goal here is to go through the secret passage to reach the other side of the corridor. When the player reach the first office he finds a lever in one of the desk drawers that moves one of the shelves. Now the player can pass through the secret room and enter the other side of the corridor.



The second corridor & the animal study

In these parts of the corridor the player will encounter the enemy. The animal study is there for the reason if the player gets noticed so he will have a place to hide fast. The goal in these parts is to reach the inner office but the door is locked and the player needs to find another way to get in.

The player continues through the corridors and encounters the enemy around the corner. If the player isn’t careful here he will be noticed and have to hide in the animal study or the office he came from. If the player don’t get noticed the enemy will go to this location and disappear.



The storage, main office and the study hall.

In these locations the player will find an alternative way to get in the main office that contains the flow cycle rod that you need for solving another puzzle in Amnesia. The study hall fits the purpose to reach the exit  you came from.

So the players goal from here is to reach the inner office by going through the storage where the player will find a broken wall. By throwing a chest or clicking on the wall will make a hole where the player can pass through. now he can get the flow cycle rod from the inner office. Then its its just to move the Rubble in front the door the study hall to get out to the corridor you came from.




The making of The Anatomy Studies was really fun. And i learned a lot about The Hpl2 Editor and found it enjoyable to work in.

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