Metal Shell is a first person shooter  that takes place in a base where aliens have invaded and wiped out the security to use the base as hive.
The player is the only survivor left and have a one way mission. To wipe out the enemies in his way with rapid fire and shotgun bursts to reach the generator room and blast the base.


  • School project: 10 weeks (half time)
  • Team: size 4 level designers, 7 artists, 5 programmers 5 technical artists



  • Level design
  • Game design
  • Xml scripting
  • Sound effects
  • Game balancing
  • Portal optimizing


Level Design Workflow

We started out by dividing the Level design team two focusing on making corridors and two making more wider areas with focusing battles. Then we started to make crude blockouts in the hammer editor making the space and covers. And playtested each others levels and took out those we thought was most fun. then we decided in which order the rooms was going to be played and rebuild all the rooms in our own editor Keeper Development Kit.That one of our programmers have made after our feedback and input.






Working along with a artist

After we were done with the blockout we divided so one level designer and one artist worked together. To bring out the purpose of the rooms they have been assigned. Then we started to discus what kind of props would fit the room and started to fill the rooms with the props in Keeper Development Kit.