Developed by - Io-Interactive

Published by - Square Enix



Level Design

Took a great part in the production of the Beta level where I was responsible designing/Implementing sneak routes, guard patrols, assassinations, layout and optional ways to expose the target. I also assisted other level owners with their levels.


Assassination Design

Designed and Implemented a variety of different ways of exposing the target. Giving the level replay value and the player options to take out the target in different ways.


Level Directing

Collaborated and directed animators, environment artists, writers and game designers about level specific content.


Node Based Scripting

Scripted a variety of different things such as communication between intractable objects, target patrol routes, guard routes, ambient npc life, bodyguards, traps and target exposure.



Added cover, trespassing zones, body containers, weapons and agility gameplay throughout different levels.



Fixed Level design related bugs in several different levels.